switzerland + italy


The older I've gotten, the more I've realized my soul really craves traveling. It's a constant teacher during a trip that takes me out of my bubble and into the way that other people live, think and celebrate. We covered a bit of ground from our trip through Switzerland and Italy. Some travel days were long with hours on planes, trains and on foot, but it was all worth it. From Zurich... to a remote cabin on the side of the mountain in the Alps... to the countryside in Tuscany... to visiting Adam's family in Assisi for a traditional lunch... to Vieste (our favorite), a traditional Italian beach town with it's charm, pink fish shop and time with Adam's family... to wrapping up on the Almalfi coast in a small town above the hustle from Positano and then one last night in Rome eating some damn great gelato and ragù.

All of this and the little memories in-between. I've also noticed that tougher moments of traveling really are just happy accidents. Adam and I have learned to embrace these moments and see where it leads us; to laugh when we're bone tired and trying to figure out where we're going. Or when we're on a remote hike in the Alps and encounter snakes on the trail, running back down the mountain with our adrenaline pumping and laughing like "did that just happen?" Or being stuck under the trees waiting out an afternoon storm to have a rainbow form right on the beach. It's all it's own beautiful story.

And I find it bittersweet at the end of a trip... you're happy for the comforts of home but all the experiences, culture, sights and such you don't want to leave as it's become it's own home to you. The love for the way that people live out their days, because they truly enjoy them. They take time to talk, to laugh, to enjoy their food and coffee, life isn't a race, everything is celebrated. We're so grateful to take these memories and lessons with us; to be changed in a way for the better and live our lives a little differently from then on. 

Here's a snippet of our Switzerland + Italy views. And if you're interested in adventuring or traveling, please know you're in good company with us. We're putting more places on our travel schedule for this beautiful year. Happy trails my friends!


P.S. if you're interested in any of the AirBNB's we stayed at or adventures we went on specifically, I've linked them below!

Zurich, Switzerland: Although our AirBNB is no longer available we stayed in central Zurich, close to the river and the heart of the city.

Wine Library in Zurich: B2 Boutique Hotel

Ernen, Switzerland AirBNB: Chäsertatt Chalet

Poppi, Italy AirBNB: Poggio di Dante *We will hands down be visiting this place again! Lucrezia is a dream host and the BNB has everything you can imagine... cooks, pool overlooking the countryside, hammocks, massages, quick trip into Poppi and more!

Assisi, Italy: Adam's family (the Spalatro's) home and cooking

Vieste, Italy AirBNB: Puglia Escapes

Vieste, Italy: Tour and hosting from Adam's family

Positano, Italy AirBNB: Casa Satriano

Amalfi Coast Hike: Path of the Gods

Positano Pasta Class: Cooking Vacations

Rome, Italy BNB: Relias Term di Tito