If you also dig traveling or want to meet-up if I'm out in your area, feel free to reach out. Below is my travel schedule for the rest of the year and into the next...

JANUARY: Santa Fe, NM + Colorado

FEBRUARY: Colorado area

MARCH: Beaver Creek, CO + Yosemite National Park + Breckenridge, CO

APRIL: Cancun, Mexico + Boulder, CO + Colorado area

MAY: Kansas City, MO + Colorado area

JUNE: Longmont, CO + Breckenridge, CO + Colorado area

JULY: Aspen, CO + Colorado area

AUGUST: Long Island, NY + Colorado area


Hello there, I'm Sarah


Every since I was little my mom always called me her "free bird". I was born in the midwest but I've never been one to stay in the same place for too long or do the same thing every day. I come from a hard-working family with Mexican roots. I love being outside whether it's hiking, climbing or simply chilling in a hammock (...it's no wonder Colorado is home now). I'm fairly introverted but I enjoy good, honest friends and prefer deep convos over small talk. And I've been known to shed a few tears over a mountain sunset.

Photography for me is based around love. It's the driving force for all things authentic, real and full of life. Whether it's love for self, love for one another, love for travel or love for a craft... that's what it really comes down to. 

And I aim to capture just that... the emotion, the understated moments, the genuine events around a wedding day, an elopement, a portrait session and so. To capture moments just as they are so you can truly admire them for a lifetime.