Sarah Valencia



It’s me, Sarah. The add-on to your special day and unforgettable moments. I’ll be the gal posting up in the corner – and hanging out in your corner – to capture every detail, every look and every unexpected laugh.

So why don’t you tell me about yourself? Let me in on the whole story of how you got here. I want to know about all the happy tears, laughs and behind-the-scenes inspirations.

The very best thing about what I do is that it’s a two-way street. I’ll dive in first.

 I’m a Midwesterner living in the Colorado Rockies with a big love for travel and my Mexican roots. I believe in putting dreams out into the universe and manifesting good things… which is how we got to this little dream of mine. A few years back, I headed out on an unpaved path and honestly, life’s never been sweeter. Highly, highly recommend.

Now, the ball’s in your court.  

Hit me up and let’s make the world spin.



 My approach to photography is simple: Everything I do is collaboration.

It’s about our vision coming to life. Because without you – expressing yourself, sharing your love, telling your story ­– there wouldn’t be anything worth documenting. 

I want to help capture your real moments. Moments that move you and the people lucky enough to be in your circle.  

So whether it’s an elopement with close family, a portrait session for your portfolio or a documentary shoot guided by self-love, my goal is to provide a space where you can be deliriously free and completely you.  

Let’s collab. I have a feeling we’ll hit it off.