thanksgiving + monument rocks


It's not too often that I get to blog a snippet of our adventures. Most recently, I've been focused in on wrapping up weddings or fall sessions and looking towards ramping up the next year. So it was a nice little break to post some sights that Adam and I stopped at during our trek for Thanksgiving. 

Any of our road trips through Kansas are pretty consistent with the midwest standards of wheat fields, land as far as you can see and your occasional small town so I was super stoked that we made a detour on a country dirt road to the Monument Rocks. Basically out in the middle of nowhere are these beautiful, rock fossil formations and as we drove up the long gravel road, there we could see in the distance a cluster of these beauties. Once we got closer, we couldn't believe that these rocks were in fact, in the middle of Kansas. They are startling in size but also seem so fragile for how long they've been there. Beautiful hidden gems in all their old splendor.

Hope you enjoy a small glance at our detour and I definitely recommend stopping here if you ever have to make the trip through Kansas. To you, my friends!