evan + lookout mountain


In honor of Women's History Month, I offered up free portrait sessions for women in hopes that it would in some way elevate our community. Whether that be by elevating a women's business, to change up her profile, to treat herself because she’s an incredible soul or just see herself in an inspiring way that maybe she hadn’t before. Simply put, I hope I can be a supporting hand for women and put my craft towards a more equal, fairer world for current generations and ones to come. I believe it’s truly something to work towards.

With offering this up, I was able to meet and photograph Evan. Evan is one of those gal's you meet with a heart and soul kinder than one comes across in a lifetime. She's the real deal and honest in her talks. Since then Evan has become a good friend and I'm thankful for it. Here's to Evan and all the incredible women we walk amongst.

Sarah Valencia2 Comments