hipcamp cabin + colorado


After tossing around different trip ideas for Memorial Weekend, Adam and I finally landed on a few days at this cozy cabin out in Colorado. At first, we were banking on a road-trip through Utah but alas, life happens and we decided to save that trip for the fall. Using the handy HipCamp site, we found this tiny cabin owned by artist, Deborah, and her family. 

After loading up our 4Runner with our backpacks and dog in tow, we traveled into the mountains and around windy, dirt roads to this little place nestled in the evergreens. We were immediately greeted by Deb and her spunky little daughter, AJ. They gave us the rundown on the cabin, the wildlife that had been passing through (your typical momma mountain lion + cubs) and a great sunset view to hit up. Throughout the weekend, we hiked, explored, listened to our favorite tunes and reminisced on our memories over the past year. The sunset light was something else here along with the field of lumber mazes we stumbled upon. Truth be told, the quiet is always a little tough for me at first to settle into but after a day of it, I remember exactly why I need it. 

Enjoy a little glimpse at our trip and be sure to check out HipCamp if you're looking for off-the-grid places to camp.