Unconventional venues

A Resource for FINDING Your Wedding or Elopement Venue



For many couples, beginning the wedding or elopement planning starts with finding a place to share the day together, aka a venue. With planning a wedding of my own and also working with couples, finding a wedding venue can be one of the more challenging parts of planning for a variety of reasons... location, budget, tone and setting for the day, an available date... you get the idea. It can get a bit overwhelming and for most, planning a wedding or an elopement is a new experience so it can be a difficult to know what to expect.

For all of these reasons, I put this resource together to look beyond the norm and into other options for your day. I truly believe it all comes back to staying true to who you are and creating a day that really fits you two. With a little out-of-the-conventional thinking and looking into options such as AirBNB, National Parks, family land, or a quaint venue mixed with a little planning, you can build something that truly sets an authentic tone for you two. 

national parks

While this is becoming a bit more mainstream, choosing to marry or elope in a National Park is still an incredible option. With an abundance of beautiful views for your ceremony + portraits and intimate areas to choose from to say your vows, there is a lot to love about it. Not to mention the permit for your special day is cost affordable. You may think you need to be 100% adventurous for this option but if you have a love for nature, then definitely consider it. Junebug Weddings and BRIDES both created great lists of potential National Parks to say your vows. I’ve also dropped a few additional places below to consider. And if you need someone to adventure alongside you two to capture the day, I'm here to help!



Colorado favorites

We moved to Colorado for a few reasons... the beautiful, sweeping mountains and also the friendly and down-to-earth people. And bonus, it's an amazing place to get married or elope. But I get it... when you google “Colorado wedding venues” you may get lost in a sea of options (my husband and I married in Colorado so we’ve been right in your shoes). To help, I've featured a few of my personal favorites...

AirBNB, Glamping and a few other VENUES

AirBNB has undoubtedly opened up traveling experiences to see new places, cultures and cozy places to call home for a getaway. It's also opened the doors from some interesting and unconventional wedding and elopement venues that don’t include the huge wedding venue price. I wanted to include HipCamp and glamping in this as well. HipCamp can include privately owned land in beautiful areas but with this one, think small group or an elopement between the two of you. Glamping, or glamorous camping, offers the experience of camping but with more cozy resources for you two, and guests if you choose to extend the invite. For good measure, there are a few other venues that I sprinkled in from other places that I think are worth taking a look at.



And above all, give yourselves the time and space to sit down and write out what your wedding or elopement looks like for you two when looking at a place to celebrate the day. Whether that's choosing to get married on top of a mountain or in your backyard, I'm here to tell you that you can do things your own way to keep it truly sincere. Often times the most unconventional places will surprise you.