anya + greg // windy rocky mountain engagement


Anya was one of the very first people to befriend me when I moved to Colorado and I’m so thankful for her friendship and her warmness. Her and Greg were heading off to visit family halfway across this blue marble but before they set off on their journey, we ventured into the mountains to capture some photos so they could share them with their families.

Truth be told the conditions up at the mountain pass where we planned to take photos at were too harsh. So we had to improvise and find a few other spots but it paid off and these two were go with the flow the entire time.

I've learned that no matter distance or languages or as time grows, that photos can connect us in a much deeper way than we perceive. They let us in those little moments that otherwise we wouldn't witness and bond us with love shared not just between two people but the family and friends that surround them. Happy trails Anya and Greg.