ashley + foggy morning maternity


There are some sessions that just light a fire in you. It's the kind of photo session that invigorates you, breathes new life into your creativity and reminds you why you even picked up a camera. This was one of those sessions.

Ashley has been a dear friend of mine for several years now and I was delighted to capture her new chapter of motherhood on this misty morning. As I drove into Columbia to pick up Ashley, the hazy morning clouds rolled in and the sun peeked over the horizon. 

Our first stop included The Big Tree, where Ashley and her husband, Chad, had their very first date. As we drove to the tree, Ashley told me about her and Chad's first outing which consisted of a trip to Burger King (because, yes...) and sitting under this large tree observing the stars.

Fast forward to now and this glowing mom-to-be is as amazing as ever. The wonderful thing about Ashley is like you feel like you've always known her. She's a loyal soul and one of the most intelligent humans I know. Her and Chad are going to be incredible parents and I am so excited for their journey as a family.