erika + kansas sunflower fields


Grinter Farm's sunflowers is something I've heard of year after year but had yet to see. If you haven't heard of it, once a year these lovely sunflowers bloom but they only last for a short period of time. People from near and far flock to see the acres and acres of out stretched land covered in a sea of yellow. It's one of the most moving and yet peaceful sights I've ever experienced. Luckily I talked my friends Erika and Erin into venturing out west towards Lawrence, Kansas to finally see what we'd been counting down the days for.

Once we piled out of the car with cameras in hand, us three gals took it all in. We stood there for a moment in quietness. From corner to corner the land was covered in these 5 foot tall beauties. It made you feel small and significant at the same time. That you could be swallowed in it's vastness but also so fortunate to see this once-a-year event.

From there on out Erin and I snapped photos of Erika. Blazing a trail through the flowers, getting cozy with the honey bees and just bonding over the entire experience. Erika played jams on her phone while we walked through the rows and rows of saturated yellow and soaked it all in. I can't thank these ladies enough for making the trek. Here's to many more adventures to come.