krystal + intimate morning maternity


I've had the wonderful chance to know Krystal for a handful of years so going back to the midwest and spending a morning with her and her beautiful bump was a lovely way to reconnect and see her as a momma-to-be.

We met at a favorite place in KC just as the sun was rising to catch the warm light. We hopped in my car and drove around to the each location, chatting and catching up about how life was. On our way to a specific spot the gate was locked on either side so (unplanned), we opted for a green, clear field which turned out to be one of the more beautiful spots with no one around. Just us, the sunrise and a lush field. Just a simple reminder that sometimes the unplanned is the best course.

Krystal has a heart of gold (along with a few golden retrievers) and to see her and her husband's family grow by another, warms my heart to the fullest. She is a beautiful soul through and through and I am so happy to see all that is ahead for her and her new family.

Here's to you Krystal and the new chapter that lies ahead!