tiffany + sun soaked feminine portraits


I’ve been hoping to create these portraits since the beginning of the new year so when my lovely friend, Tiffany, came to visit me in Denver, I jumped on the chance to co-create these soft, feminine photos with her. Tiffany is one of those souls that’s open to any creative ideas and absolutely loves natural light. So to combine a neutral background with the sunshine streaming in and adding in soft, white florals and hazy overlay, it was a product of all these elements that had been swirling in mind. I hope the photos provoke something in you. Maybe it’s embracing intuition, creation and sensuality with that beautiful feminine energy… or maybe it’s something all it’s own yet wonderful. Creating photos that stir something in the soul is all I can hope for.

And if you’re interested, some of the photos below are sold as prints. Check them out here