Portrait sessions can seem intimidating. Emphasis on the words “can seem”. But they don’t have to be! Let’s take any nerves or wondering how you’re looking or if you’re doing the “right thing” (whatever that is anyway, we’ll get to that) and not let it take up anymore space than it already has, my friends. Hopefully the words of wisdom below will help put you at ease and of course, I’m here if you have any questions along the way!


Do what feels natural to you…

In other words, what you would do if you are goofing around in the kitchen or dancing to your favorite song or wrapping your arms around each other or whatever it is that you do when it’s just you.

If I give you direction, make it your own! You know how to love on each other better than anyone else so if it feels awkward, then adjust it. Rest assured, I’ll help along the way and I’m not here to put your love or your session in a box or follow a set of photo session rules. Blegh, sounds boring so let’s shake off those old ideas and really reflect your personalities.


It’s a combined effort…

This is a staple for me, you guys. I’ve talked more about this on “my approach” but really and truly, it’s all collaboration.

My mantra is “show up for your space”. So let’s really show up and show out the many beautiful chapters in your life. We’ll share in the good vibes, put on some music and show off the truest you there is.


Slowing it down…

Us humans have a tendency to rush through things when we feel a little uncomfortable. During your session we’re gonna slow the hell down and not force things. My job isn’t to overwhelm you with poses. I’ll give you direction and we’ll build on that throughout the session.

When you slow down and you're present, it shows. You're relaxed and thoughtful, you can take your time and actually create some intentional stuff.


Keep on moving…

Basically the entire time, my friends. Whether that’s swaying, playing with each other’s hair, giving each other a nudge, moving in and out from one another, canoodling, dancing … just keep moving.

Reason being, if you’re still and I take a handful of photos, you’re going to get the same photo out of that handful of photos. But if you keep it moving and I take a handful of photos, you’re going to get all different (and more) photos from that bunch.


Don’t panic if it’s been a minute since I’ve given you direction…

That just means you two are absolutely killin’ it and I’m just getting amazing shots and digging into the creative flow. So please, don’t second guess yourself or feel you have to ask what to do next. Just keep doing you!


Let’s make this unique…

Whether that’s putting on your favorite playlist, bringing your dog, putting on your favorite band tees, bringing pizza or beer, hiking up a mountain, cuddling in a hammock… let’s create a session that honestly feels like a date for you two.

Here is your session questionnaire that you can fill out and we’ll collaborate on some good stuff for your sesh.


“What should we wear"?”

Such a great question and I’d love to help! Wear what makes you feel the most confident and comfortable. Wear something that makes sense for your elements too. If we’re venturing in the mountains, maybe skip the high heels or bring a change of shoes. I suggest avoiding bright patterns or colors but if you love color, then I suggest a pop of something.

And again, confidence + comfort is key. If that means a tee and worn-in jeans, then perfect. Or if it means, a flowy red dress, then equally amazing!

and remember…

Each session will have it's own unique, beautiful and unscripted moments. Embrace it all. With trust and collaboration between us, we'll create photos that will resonate with you and bring you right back to where you were and the emotion of it all.